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INNEXUS, obrt za usluge, stems from our many years of translation experience, all over our country as well as abroad. Likewise, we strive to unite different parts of the world and their cultures, by travel and new horizons.

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Our goal is to overcome language and cultural barriers we face on a daily basis. We offer professionalism, diligence, personalized approach, highly educated staff, compliance with deadlines. Entrust us with your translations, send us inquiries, we are here for you!!!



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INNEXUS, obrt za usluge, (principal activity: translation activity) is a translation company specialized in providing professional translation services and it cooperates with expert and experienced translators, proofreaders and professional editors also for many other language combinations. In addition, we provide various language courses as well as consulting, administrative support services and graphology courses (handwriting analysis).

The freelance translators we work with are highly educated experts of various profiles, and we use modern technologies in the field of coordination and organization of the translation process. INNEXUS also provides high-quality multilingual translation project management services for various European and Asian languages.

Fields of interest: law, patents, intellectual property, literature, art, culture, theology, anthropology, ethnology, linguistics, media, information technology, journalism, marketing, tourism, catering, gastronomy, intellectual property, agronomy, economics, finance, insurance, banking, architecture, construction, transport and communications, pharmacy, chemistry, medicine.

We are ready to respond to even the most demanding translation tasks and to translate smaller and larger quantities of materials within a relatively short period, at competitive prices.

Your satisfaction is our priority.

All our associates are native speakers of Croatian and one of the languages listed below, backed by university education (professors / masters of a foreign language, literature, court interpreters, law graduates, economists, engineers, journalists, media analysts, sociologists, art historians, anthropologists, ethnologists etc.) and years of experience.


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