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Our Services

We specialize in providing professional translation services for English, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Slovenian, Slovak, Turkish, Portuguese, and we work with excellent and experienced translators, court interpreters, proofreaders and expert editors for many other language combinations.

Court Interpreter

A court interpreter (authorized translator) issues certified translations.

Certified translation

Translation that has legal validity (declaration and stamp). translation of personal documents, legal, technical and other documentation.

Written Translation

Translation is a complex and detailed job in which, in addition to language competences, professional competences are also needed in order to successfully carry out the process.

Oral Translation

A conference translator or court interpreter translates the spoken text from one language to another.

Consecutive Translation

Transferring spoken information from the source language to the target language in oral form; translations of business meetings, negotiations, conferences, translations in court and legal proceedings, etc.

Translation of Audio/Video Records

Translation of audio/video recordings from the source to the target language in written form.

Professional Translation

It requires a high degree of competence and more time.

Proofreading (Language Editing)

Language check and analysis of the original and/or translation, efficient comparison of the original and target text with regard to terminological consistency, language rules and styles.


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We provide services of all types of written and oral translation as well as authorized translation in more than 20 languages. You can bring the text to us in person or send it by e-mail, and you will receive the translation as soon as possible, in the way and in the format that suits you best: by e-mail, in person, by delivery or express delivery.

Management of multilingual projects

At INNEXUS, we manage a variety of multilingual projects thanks to our network of external collaborators. All translators engaged in the implementation of a specific project are graduate professors/masters of foreign languages, professional translators, proofreaders or native speakers of foreign languages ​​with a university education, and have a rich and certified curriculum vitae in Croatia and around the world.

INNEXUS provides translation project management services for the following language combinations:

  1. Croatian language <–> Spanish, English, German, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Maltese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, French, Swedish, Italian, Albanian, Arabic, Bosnian, Montenegrin, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Latin, Macedonian, Norwegian, Russian, Serbian, Turkish, Ukrainian language.

INNEXUS offers proofreading and revision services:

  • Catalogs and brochures
  • legal documents,
  • graduation theses,
  • doctoral theses,
  • books and
  • manuals from different fields.

INNEXUS also provides you with professional consecutive interpretation services for several language combinations, some of which are: Croatian-Spanish/English/German/Polish/Slovenian/Italian/French…
Consecutive interpretation is suitable for business meetings with foreign partners, for business trainings, workshops and seminars, smaller gatherings attended by foreign exhibitors and does not require any special equipment. It is an oral translation technique by which the translator orally translates the speech of the source language into the target language after each speaker’s sentence or completed thought unit, using notes taken during the speaker’s presentation in the source language.

The price of consecutive interpretation is determined per working day or per hour and depends on the duration and complexity of the work. It is formed by counting the time spent with the client from the moment the consecutive interpreter arrives at the agreed location until the end of the work to which the consecutive interpretation refers, regardless of how much time the consecutive interpreter effectively translated. The price of consecutive interpretation for each started hour of consecutive interpretation is calculated as a full hour.

Analysis and evaluation of translations

INNEXUS pays special attention to the analysis and internal evaluation of written translations, after proofreading and proofreading, in order to ensure and maintain a high level of quality of our translations and services.​

How to open a company in Croatia in just 7 days?

Yes, it is also possible for foreigners.

We will organize the entire company registration procedure and you will receive the Registration Decision within 7 to 10 days, and in some cases even sooner.
In the next 7 days you will have an account for the program for issuing invoices and monitoring finances and operations, which can be in Spanish, English, German, etc.

  • You can issue invoices in EUR, USD and other currencies, in Spanish, English, German, etc.
  • If necessary, we will also organize announcements about the employment of workers, salary analysis for certain activities in Croatia, salary calculations and payments, etc.
  • If you want to hire Croatian or EU citizens, the procedure does not take long. If you want to hire third-country nationals outside the EU, the procedure is a little more complicated and time-consuming, so you should start preparing for this option at least a few months in advance.

On a daily basis, you will have a view of income/expenses, a projection of business results and outstanding accounts receivable/payable.

Some important information:

Headquarters to start an online business According to the Companies Act, when registering a company, you must inform your business address. The business address may also be defined by the rental agreement.In our “Virtual Office” service we provide the address for company registration in the building in the center of the capital of Croatia, and in addition to this service:

  • online accounting services and, if necessary,
  • business support contracted,
  • secretarial services and staffing. (hiring, work permits). , A1 certificates, etc.).

Basic service packages start at €120.

We can offer foreign citizens opening assistance and the following services:

  • Check the name of the company you want to open (you can also do it yourself via
  • Selection of activities
  • Preparation and announcement before a notaryResolution of registered office and business address
  • Choose a bank and open a business account Obtain a number of VAT, a VAT identification number and an EOR number for the company
  • Secretarial services 
  • Personnel services (competitions and selection of workers, A1 certificates, work permits, registrations/deregistrations, etc.)

In addition to all of the above we offer:

  • the search for an office, apartment, house
  • advice and/or support when signing the contract as well as
  • all translations certified by the certified translator, court interpreter services, apostilles, etc.                                                                                                            

The name of the company must be created before starting the incorporation procedure , since this is the first step and the first question you will encounter. It is good to come up with several variants of the name, because you cannot found a company that has a name similar to an existing one. On the website of the Ministry of Justice it is possible to see which names already exist and which are occupied.

Company Activities: Choose the activities you will offer.

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