General business terms

1. General terms

The general business terms and conditions govern all translation and consulting services as well as proofreading of texts and all other services provided by the INNEXUS Service Trade, hereinafter INNEXUS or the Provider.

2. Orders, delivery and prices

The client submits documents for translation by e-mail, in person or by post. INNEXUS provides a non-binding offer according to the current price list, the calculation is per card (1500 characters with spaces), per translation hour or per project. The price does not include VAT, since INNEXUS craft for services is not included in the VAT system, and VAT is not calculated based on Article 90 of the VAT Act. After the Client confirms the offer, via e-mail or in writing, it is considered as an irrevocable order for the service specified in the offer. The smallest billing unit for written translations is a card containing 1500 characters with a space, for oral translations 1 hour. each started hour is counted as a full hour. Urgent translations are charged if more than 6 cards are translated in the same day, and the amount is increased by 50%, unless the Client and the Provider agree otherwise. INNEXUS charges for services on an extraordinary basis, in advance or after delivery with an agreed due date, and all as agreed with the Client. The translation provider delivers personally in the office, by post or by e-mail to the Client. If the delivery is made by post or via a courier service, the costs are paid by the Client, unless otherwise agreed with the Provider.

3. Rights and obligations

The executor undertakes to carry out the translation, proofreading or project in accordance with the rules of the profession, and according to the instructions received from the client, and to preserve the material for translations after the work has been completed and return it to the client in an orderly and complete manner (if possible). Purposes.

4. Confidentiality of data

Each translator-part-time associate of the Provider as the Provider is obliged to keep business secrets. The Client may request from the Provider a Confidentiality Statement signed by each individual translator working on the mentioned project. The provider is not responsible for the disclosure or use of information that is already or will become known in the future to a third party or the public or that must be disclosed by law in accordance with the request of the competent authority. In any case, the Client is obliged to mark the document as confidential before or during the issuance of the work order.